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I admit it.

I am a “grammar geek,” and I have honed my editorial skills for over 30 years in the industries of channel IT distribution, healthcare, telecommunications, travel, and advertising. My specialties are editing, proofreading, and copywriting. I also have extensive experience in web content development, art direction, video production, public/media relations, editorial quality assurance, and agency traffic management.


I am a seasoned creative professional and proven editorial expert with a passion for grammatical precision and a knack for improving copy and making it more engaging, accurate, consistent, and on target. In addition, I’m a great team player, extremely organized, detail- and results-oriented, and a positive, independent self-starter who always hits deadlines. I have created and maintained corporate editorial style guides for Arrow,  Verizon, and MCI, using the AP, Chicago and Gregg style books as references.


I pride myself on being a sharp-eyed creative with the goal of making every deliverable I touch as perfect as possible for the client.

I invite you to explore my work in this portfolio and then give me a call.

I am currently available for contract or part-time work.

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